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Play along!

Here you find the parts of the piece 150TBNS by Trevor Grahl. The Mega Trombone Ensemble will play this during the big Outside Spectacle at the Deliplein on Sunday, April 16th. The piece consists of 5 groups,  A, B, C, D and E. Everybody can join in!

The Slide Factory participants can play in group C (conservatory and advanced level) or group D (average or beginner level).

Pick your part

The piece will be rehearsed on April 16th at 16.00h in LP2 and will be performed on the Deliplein at 17.00h.

You can check and download the parts most suitable for you. The parts of Group D are available bass clef or in G clef.

Click on the part you like to play, print it, practice it, and take your trombone, music and music stand to Slide Factory and join the spectacular concert on Sunday, April 16th!

average or beginner  level

150TMBNS – TRB 1 

150TMBNS – TRB 2 

150TMBNS – TRB 3 



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