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PRESS RELEASE March 13th, 2017

Listen, connect and play in Rotterdam NL
World famous musicians at Trombone Festival Slide Factory

On April 13, 14, 15, 16 – 2017 the International Trombone Festival Slide Factory will be held in Rotterdam for the sixth time . This edition takes place on a new location; the Wilhelminapier. LantarenVenster, LP2 but also other satellite locations at the Wilhelminapier give stage to worldclass tromboneplayers as Christian Lindberg, Marshall Gilkes, Nils Landgren, Jörgen van Rijen, Brandt Attema and the New Trombone Collective.

World class trombone players gather in Rotterdam
Slide Factory brings international musicians to Rotterdam as virtuoso Håkan Björkman (Sweden), the legendary Christian Lindberg (Sweden), jazz giant Marshall Gilkes (USA), two masters of the bass trombone George Curran and Randall Hawes (USA), ancient music specialist Wim Becu ( Belgium) and funk trombonist and vocalist Nils Landgren with its own Funk Unit (Sweden). Also Dutch heroes enter the stage including Bart van Lier, Bert Boeren, Jörgen van Rijen, Brandt Attema and organizer of the festival, the New Trombone Collective.

Listen, connect & play
The Slide Factory Trombone Festival is THE opportunity for the members of the New Trombone Collective to invite all their musical friends, public, colleagues, students and sources of inspiration to Rotterdam to inspire each other and share the passion for the trombone. Listen, connect and play. That’s what Slide Factory 2017 stands for. It is a festival where you can enjoy many concerts, where you meet musicians, and play together. From young to old, from amateur to professional.

Take your trombone to Slide Factory and follow workshops, lessons or join the daily warm-up or the Mega Trombone Ensemble. For people who have never played trombone Slide Factory is certainly also ‘the place to be’. Mr. pBone learns everyone the first tricks on brightly colored plastic trombones; the pBone.

Ticket Sales
Slide Factory takes place from Thursday, April 13th through Sunday, April 16th, 2017 in Rotterdam. LantarenVenster, LP2 and other satellite locations on the Wilhelmina Pier are the stage for concerts, recitals, workshops, surprise lessons, clinics, Mega Trombone Ensemble (Deliplein) and festival market.

There are Festival Passes, Day Passes and Single Tickets availble.

Press info:
Tanja de Jager, marketing Slide Factory 2017
06 24 91 73 22


foto Fred Ernst

New Trombone Collective – foto Marcel Molle

Christian Lindberg

Nils Landgren + Funk Unit