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April 15th – 10.00h

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Entrance: Festival Pass or Day Pass
Start 10.00h
End 10.30h
Location LP2


Presentation Mr. pBone project

In preparation for the festival, the children of primary school De Wilgenstam from Rotterdam have followed 8 lessons by Mr. pBone. During Slide Factory they show what they have learned.

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In this video, Mr. pBone investigates how much air you need to play trombone and asks it to Jos Jansen.

Dr pBone Inquiry: How much air do you need to play the pBone?

Mr pBone gaat op onderzoek uit als dr pBone [Op bezoek bij Jos Jansen]Heb je zelf een vraag; Stel hem aan mr pBone of ontmoet hem op Slide Factory 15-4-2017 Rotterdam.Dr pBone investigates the question: How much air do you need to play the pBone. Dr pBone visits Jos Jansen.Do you have a question for mr pBone? Send a message or meet him at Slide Factory 15-4-2017

Geplaatst door Mr.pbone op donderdag 22 december 2016