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April 16th – 17.00h

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Project Description

Entrance: Free
Start 17.00h
End 18.00h
Location Deliplein

Outside spectacle at the Deliplein

An extraordinary performance with lots of trombonists. From amateur to professional, everyone joins in the Slide Factory Mega Trombone Ensemble. The ensemble plays the world premiere of a work by Trevor Grahl. He composed and collected a piece, called 150TBNS (One-hundred Fifty Trombones), especially for the festival and suitable for all levels. A guaranteed spectacle on the Deliplein in Rotterdam!

You can play along in the Mega Trombone Ensemble: take your trombone with you to the festival and go to the rehearsal at 16.00h in LP2.
There are parts for every level. You can download your part here.