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April 15th – 20.00h

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Entrance: €19,- or Festival Pass / Day Pass
Start 20.00h
End 21.15h
Location LP2


Gala Concert

The Gala concert of the sixth Slide Factory Trombone Festival has everything the festival stands for: a great repertoire, world-famous soloists, a diversity of styles, a theatrical tincture and of course a lot of trombones! The guys from the New Trombone Collective and a number of international festival artists give you a celebratory colorful evening full of virtuosity, humor, and spectacle.

Christian Lindberg and Marshall Gilkes play their own compositions, Randall Hawes plays an intimate ballad, George Curran plays a composition which recently is written for him by Steven Verhelst and Mike Svoboda plays a very special piece of trombone legend Vinko Globokar that is so difficult that it has almost never been performed. All is accompanied by members of the New Trombone Collective. The creative makers collective 7090 has built mysterious installations to frame this evening.

Christian Lindberg – tenor trombone
Mike Svoboda – tenor trombone
Marshall Gilkes – tenor trombone
George Curran – bass trombone
Randall Hawes – bass trombone
Brandt Attema – bass trombone
7090 – makers collective
New Trombone Collective – trombone ensemble