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April 15th – 14.45 & 17.30h

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Entrance: Free
Start 14.45h and 17.30h
End 15.15h and 18.00h
Location LantarenVenster, Ruimte 01

Contra Power
A particular concert with four contrabass trombones in the lead. Meet the greatest instrument from the trombone family in different occupations. A varied programme with newly written work ensures that the
contrabass trombone is fully appreciated. New Trombone Collective members Mark Boonstra and Brandt Attema are joined by two Dutch bass trombone players of the new generation: Rommert Groenhof and Marijn Migchielsen. Rommert is bass trombonist in the Marine Band of the Royal Navy and Marijn is active
in the Dutch orchestras and ensembles. They both studied at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Amsterdam with Ben van Dijk and Brandt Attema.

Brandt Attema – contrabas trombone
Mark Boonstra – contrabas trombone
Marijn Migchielsen – contrabas trombone
Rommert Groenhof – contrabas trombone
Astrid Haring – harp
Niels Verbeek – percussion