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April 16th – 12.30h

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Entrance: €12,50 or Festival Pass / Day Pass
Start 12.30h
End 13.30h
Location LP2


Masters in concert: Lindberg and Curran

The most famous trombone player of all time, Christian Lindberg is present at Slide Factory! Lindberg has changed the trombone world forever in the past forty years. He presents the trombone as a full-fledged solo instrument and has pushed the technical limits of the instrument and its repertoire considerably. This not only by engaging world-famous composers but also with his own compositions.

Lindberg will perform together with George Curran, the bass trombonist of the New York Philharmonic since 2013. Curran decided to play the trombone when he was already 22. He loved the nobility and power of the trombone section in an orchestra and therefore he switched from the euphonium to the trombone. And what a good choice he made!



Christian Lindberg – trombone
George Curran – trombone
Henry Kelder – piano