Program Sunday morning concert with Emily White

June 16
10.00 - Jurriaanse zaal

Sunday morning concert with Emily White

Emily White  –  sackbut

Kathryn Cok  –  organ

Quartet of New Trombone Collective

The English old and new music specialist Emily White plays the sackbut (the predecessor of the modern trombone) together with organist Kathryn Cok. They present a beautiful program with well-known and surprising unknown composers from the 17th century.

Dutch composer Martijn Padding wrote a number of contemporary “Canzones” especially for the New Trombone Collective that form a beautiful contrast and at the same time a nice change with the 17th century sounds.


Se L’aura Spira  –  Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583- 1643) 

Che si Puo Fare?  –  Barbara Strozzi  (1619 – 1677)

Canzone  –  Martijn Padding

Flow my Tears from The Second Booke of Songes  –  John Dowland (1563-1626)

Fine Knacks for Ladies from The Second Book of Songes  –  John Dowland

Spring in an Unreal World  –  Emily White  (1975 -)  Text by Brian Nisbet  (1959 – 2015)

Canzone  –  Martijn Padding

Placare Domine  from Motetti a voce sola, Op. 6 No. 1  –  Isabella Leonarda  (1620 – 1704)

Canzone  –  Martijn Padding

O’r Galon for sol sackbut and drone  –  Peter McCarthy (1954 – )